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Why do you have to do annual inspection on time? What will happen if the Hong Kong company doesn’t do annual inspection:  The account is frozen: the bank account will be frozen,so that you are unable to receive payment, unable to withdraw the balance, and can no longer open an account.  Government fines: government fines or prosecutions, as well as court summons, maximum overdue fines of HKD50000, daily fines of HDD700  Credit damage: may cause shareholders and directors to be recorded a bad credit, affecting entry and exit and flight transfer, etc.
Case 1
Miss Wang in Shanghai registered a Hong Kong company in 2015 and at the same time, held a brand for her own clothing. Due to the busy work, she forgot to handle the annual inspection, resulting in a three-month overdue, which not only caused a government fine of 1,170 yuan, but also left a bad record. Brand using has also been affected. To do annual inspection on time avoids bank accounts being affected!
Case 2
Mr. Li’s Hong Kong company has a HSBC bank account, which has been working very well and has promoted his business. Just after got a new order, he found that the account has been closed by the bank due to the delay in the annual inspection. In this case, he not only requires re-apply for an account, but the new order can't be processed, which makes him deeply anxious. To do the annual inspection on time, avoids bank accounts being affected!

Note: If there is no annual inspection for more than 42 days after the due date, the government will impose a fine based on the overdue time. In order to guarantee sufficient time to handle, please do so as soon as possible after receiving BOB staff annual inspection notice.

Secretarial services provided by Blue Ocean
 The secretarial services mainly include the following services: provide legal address for registration; serve as statutory secretary; file annual tax return; business secretarial services; change data at Companies Registry ; file zero employee salary tax.
The statutory secretarial services include the preparation and preservation of statutory records such as register of members, register of directors; the arrangement and attendance of directors and shareholders meetings; and the preparation of minutes of meetings; preparation and submission of statutory registration documents, including Incorporation Form, Annual Return, employees payroll, tax statements, etc.; preparation and submission of company change documents; application of company cancellation and suspension.

Business secretarial services:Answer calls, receive faxes, handle correspondence of government, banks and business. provide quality and reliable secretarial services

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