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HK Bank Account Opening

1. Bank account
Wherever you opened a company in the world, you have access to open a bank account in Hong Kong. Generally speaking, Hong Kong companies, Chinese companies, offshore companies and overseas companies can be accepted by banks to open accounts, except the countries and regions that are blacklisted by banks.

2. Local Accounts and Offshore Accounts
Regarding to companies, any company can open local and offshore accounts. Local accounts refer to accounts opened in Hong Kong banks by Hong Kong companies; offshore accounts refer to banks opened outside Hong Kong by Hong Kong companies, or offshore accounts opened in Hong Kong by a company outside Hong Kong.

3. Bank Account Types
They are generally divided into: Hong Kong dollar savings account, foreign currency savings account (including all common foreign currencies), Hong Kong dollar checking account (also known as Hong Kong dollar current account) and letter of credit account.

Some banks collectively refer to the above accounts as integrated financial accounts, and all accounts can receive letters of credit. However, if you want to open a letter of credit, you must open a letter of credit account. In order to facilitate the capital operation of various SMEs, banks can also open stock accounts, fund accounts,underwriting accounts for enterprises.

4. Conditions of Hong Kong Bank Account Opening
(1)Directors: Hong Kong banks require more than two-thirds of the directors (preferably all directors) of the company to go to the bank to go through the formalities in person;
(2)Shareholders: Shareholders with a share ratio of over 9% (including 9%, preferably all shareholders) must go to the bank to open an account in person;
(3)Persons authorized by the company's directors or shareholders to operate the bank account, must also attend to go through all relevant procedures and sign on the documents when opening the company account.

Reminder: If the account signer or company director is a mainland Chinese person, he must hold a Chinese passport or a Hong Kong and Macau Pass to open an account.

5. Documents Required to Open a Company Bank Account
(1)The original identity of the directors (ID card, Hong Kong and Macau Pass or passport, business card);
(2)Original Business Registration Certificate / Original Certificate of Registration / Original Articles of Association / company signature seal/ statutory documents for registration (if there is any name change, share change or capital increase, the relevant documents should be submitted);

(3)Proof of the address of the director (the water/electricity/telephone bill and other payment proofs in the past three months);
(4)Business proof/business plan (such as company order, purchase and sales invoice, contract, bill of lading, etc.);

(5)The account opening documents signed by the accountant (our company can provide);
(6)Cash deposited into the account (HKD10,000-50,000). If you want to deposit more cash, you can do it after the bank has finished the information searching procedure.

6. Time required to open an account
Signing bank documents can usually be finished within one hour.

If you open an account in Hong Kong, you can return to the mainland on the same day. Hong Kong and overseas companies need to go through the period of information searching. Under normal circumstances, after the bank receives the complete company account opening documents and the information of shareholders and directors, bank will immediately deal with your account opening. After the bank finishes the information searching about your company, the account can be pre-deposited. The account can be officially activated (such as transfer, telegraphic transfer, etc.) after receiving the password and other information.

List of banks that cooperate with Blue Ocean: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Hong Kong Branch of China Construction Bank.

7. Note After Opening an Account
(1)Keep the bank statement and water bill, the company's various expense bills for future use;
(2)Time for information searching for bank is usually one to two weeks, and each bank is different;
(3)The account can be started from the notification date. If the account is not activated within one month, the account will be automatically cancelled.

(4)If you want to open a private account, you need to bring the original ID card or passport, proof of address, pre-deposit HKD 10,000;
(5)All companies that change shareholders, change company name, and increase the registered capital must submit the minutes and the documents signed by the accountant to the bank (if there is a signature in the bank, like the signature for company name change, it should be submitted to the bank); companies with more than one year must submit annual reports, minutes, and documents signed by accountants to the bank.

8. Other Services
After the bank account is successfully opened, Blue Ocean Group can provide customers with risk management and control of letters of credit, anti-commercial fraud case analysis and so on.
Please call the toll-free hotline immediately: 4008 255 128