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Hong Kong Company’s Statutory Secretary

Why do Hong Kong companies need a statutory secretary?
According to Chapter 32 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, a Hong Kong-registered limited liability company must appoint a secretary company to perform the company's statutory duties.Its responsibilities include reporting to the Companies Registry on changes in the company's structure, shareholders and directors.It is also necessary to prepare the company's meeting agenda for the board of directors, prepare for the annual general meeting of shareholders and provide professional advice on relevant statutory regulations.
Statutory Secretarial Services:
HK Companies Ordinance provides that Hong Kong company limited must have a Hong Kong statutory secretary who must be a natural person or legal person in Hong Kong.

Different from the business secretary, the statutory secretary is a limited company registered in Hong Kong and is a must required by the law.The statutory secretary is also equivalent to the spokesperson of an overseas person in Hong Kong. The statutory secretary does not have direct control or ownership of the company, but if there is a problem with the company, the statutory secretary is responsible for certain duties.

The service of the statutory secretary is different from that of the business secretary. The statutory secretary cannot be regarded as the business secretary who handles business for us every day. While serving as the statutory secretary, the secretarial services basically includes providing the address for company registration and handling government correspondence.

Statutory Secretarial Services include:
* Provide registered address and serve as the statutory registered secretary;
* Handle and preserve the company's statutory records (shareholders and directors' register);
* Arrange and attend director/shareholder’s meetings to prepare and keep the company's statutory minutes;
* Maintain contact with government departments and respond to government departments' inquiries on behalf of you;
* Receive and process government’s correspondence, and handle it according to the customer's will;
* Arrange for the company's annual inspection:
1. Renew the business registration certificate and pay the government registration fee and levy;
2. Prepare and submit annual returns and pay government registration fees;
Business Secretarial Service:
The business secretarial service is different from the statutory secretarial service. The business secretarial service we provide is a diversified and versatile business support service for those who set up a company in Hong Kong.

After the company is registered, it is an indispensable link to achieve its own business objective with good business support services.Therefore, the business secretarial service we provide is based on the client's business objective under the principle of fairness, justice, reasonableness and lawfulness,and we do our best to meet the different needs of customers.