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Register a Trademark in Hong Kong

Registration of Trademark in Hong Kong

As an international financial center, Hong Kong has attracted investors from all over the world with its free economic system, low tax system, well-equipped infrastructure and economic and trade support services.

As a bridge between the mainland and the rest of the world, Hong Kong must fully prepare for the opportunities and challenges that are brought about by China’s entry into WTO. Numerous investors register their trademarks in Hong Kong to protect their brand and enhance their competitiveness.

After China's entry to the WTO, China will fully implement the "Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement", that is, It will legislate to ensure that intellectual property rights and trademark are protected.

The Process for Registration of Trademarks in Hong Kong

Matters to be assessed before submitting information of Hong Kong trademark registration :
1. Whether the trademark is distinctive (distinctiveness: whether the registered trademark is sufficient to clearly identify the goods and services of the trademark owner and other merchants).
2. Whether the trademark features its goods and services.
3. Is the trademark a common language/word in the industry?
4. Is the trademark the same or similar to others?

 Conditions of Application of Trademark Registration in Hong Kong  
1. The applicant can be a natural person or legal person;
2. Provide the Chinese or English name of the trademark (Graphs are unable to be searched);
3. The list of trade names or items that need to be protected;

Materials Required for Trademark Registration Application in Hong Kong:
1. If apply by a legal person, attach a copy of the Business License or valid Business Registration Certificate; if apply by a natural person, attach the personal identification document;
2. 25 copies of clear trademark pattern (photo paper is not accepted). The size of the image is not more than 10 × 6 cm;
3. The application form is required to be filled out and must be signed by the applicant or the agent.

Documents Required for Applying Trademarks in Hong Kong:
1. A copy of applicant's identity card or passport; or a copy of the company's license stamped with the official seal;    
2. Provide the template of the trademark that you are applying;    
3. Trademark category and commodity description.

Notes * :
1. In order to register the trademark successfully, please consider whether the trademark has distinctiveness. It is better to design an innovative trademark with distinctive characters and graphics;    
2. Don't copy other or similar trademarks. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and money.  
3. Confirm if the trademark has been registered in other countries before this registration, and if so, please provide a copy, and then you can have a priority to it within half a year.

Please call the toll-free hotline at 4008 255 128 immediately.