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Required Documents for Shenzhen Company Registration and Bank Account Opening

Documents for Shenzhen company registration
1. Company name in both Chinese and English
2. Business Scope
3. Registered address
4. Shareholder’s ID card
5. Registered capital allocation ratio

In 2018, the new policy of Shenzhen company registration (integrating multiple certifications and licenses into one consolidated business license), has the following main points:

1. Integrating multiple certifications and licenses into one consolidated business license.

The new registered company shall be only issued with the business license for recording the unified social credit code, and no longer be issued with the organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social security registration certificate and engraving permit of the commercial entity. The business license has functions of the above certificates.

2. Vertical license.
In order to be consistent with nationwide license, the business license of the corporate legal person, the business license of the unincorporated business, the business license of the branch, and the business license of the individual-owned business, which are currently implemented in Shenzhen, are merged into a single layout of business license, and the previous horizontal license is changed to a vertical license.

3. Business change.
After the change of the commercial subject, when receiving the new business license, “integrated business license, a unified business license with a unified social credit code” from Market and Quality Supervision Committee of Shenzhen Municipality, the old business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate (including national tax and local tax) and other related licenses must be returned and become invalid. If the old license is lost, it is necessary to perform the lost procedures for the relevant license.

Required documents for change of the company's business scope
1.The “Application for Change of Company Registration” signed by the legal representative.
2.The “Form of the Designated Representative or Co-Authorized Agent” signed by the company (with the official seal of the company) and a copy of the identity of the designated representative or the agent.
3. Resolutions and decisions on amending the company's articles of association.
4. Amended articles of association or amendments to the articles of association.
5. A copy of the company's business license.

Required documents for foreign investors to open an account with a company registered in Shenzhen (HSBC China)
1. Original+duplicate (original) business license 
2. Account opening permit (original)
3. Institution credit code certificate (original)
4. Filing documents for foreign investment
5. Business address proof (water, electricity bills/contracts, etc.)
6. The latest company articles of association (including notice of change of articles of association)
7. Legal person and shareholder ID card (original for legal person)
8. Official seal, private seal of legal person, financial seal.
9. Bank statements of the company for the last three months. If the company has not opened the company account, it needs to provide individual bank statements of shareholders.
10. One sales contract and invoice